Introducing Auth APIs to get data behind logins

We’re rolling out two new features to greatly expand the volume of data you can grab from the web – authenticated APIs and the kimono chrome extension.

  • Auth APIs allow you to get data from websites that require authentication – email, social media, financial and subscription news/data for example. Auth APIs are private and feature an additional layer of AES encryption to ensure that your data is secure.
  • The kimono chrome extension significantly expands the number of websites that you can extract data from and enhances the quality and reliability of your API’s page fetches. Add the kimono chrome from our website. Don’t worry, we still fully support the kimonify bookmarklet for those of you who don’t want to make the switch, but keep in mind you will need the chrome extension to create auth APIs.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Auth APIs to get data behind logins

  1. John B says:

    Very excited to try out the Auth API feature. Does it mean that the api’s created with Auth will be private? It would seem silly, dangerous and possibly against TOS to expose information past a user login to the world.

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