Use kimono APIs directly from Google spreadsheets

We’ve seen you build impressive analyses with data from kimono. To make analyzing your data even easier, we’ve built an add-on that lets you import data from your kimono APIs directly into google spreadsheets.

Use kimono with google spreadsheets to:

  • Create spreadsheets that update when data changes
  • Investigate massive datasets using crawling APIs
  • Dig through historic time series data for insights
  • Collaborate with others to aggregate and analyze multiple, up-to-date data sets

What story does your data tell? We’ve seen correlations between bitcoin and other market indicators, comparative analytics of popular growth hacker articles, an in-depth investigation into the highs and lows of Nicholas Cage’s movie career, and a test to see if Malcolm Gladwell’s theory on athlete birth dates applies to football player birth dates and much more.

We’re excited to see what you will build with kimono!

6 thoughts on “Use kimono APIs directly from Google spreadsheets

  1. pete says:

    Oh, now that is nice. I’m going to have a play.. right now 🙂
    Great work!

    Will you be creating an Excel plugin too?

  2. F says:

    Great stuff, love it! The only thing I still haven’t figured out is how to retrieve the historical data stream in GDoc, could you please help me?

  3. Almost perfect 🙂 Is there any way to automate the update at the same frequency as the API scrapes the target web page? I couldn’t figure this one out. Right now I can only update the sheet content with fresh data if I do the multiple click dance on add-ons, update, etc, manually. What’s more, the API won’t be active (scheduled), if no web hook url is given. But as far as I know, at the moment there isn’t any way that Google Spreadsheets could be updated via web hook.
    Could you help me with these?

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