Announcing better crawling, a new API detail page and help center

We’ve just rolled out a few changes that will make your experience with kimono (even) better – inspired by your feedback!

Powerful enhancements to crawling: We’ve simplified how you get data at scale with two new crawl strategies:

  • URL generation lets you quickly create a list of URLs to crawl from a domain, based on a single source URL (e.g., different product pages on amazon).
  • Pagination + crawling lets you crawl more deeply into a website, by paginating through each URL within your crawl list to get the complete set of data.

Redesigned API detail page: The new detail page takes you straight to the data retrieved by your API and enhances it with relevant meta data (e.g., source URL). Other tabs allow you to control your API settings, access other outputs (e.g., email alerts, WordPress, Google Sheets), see code samples for calling your API and comment in the discussion forum.

New help center: To help you get up and running quickly, we’ve launched a brand new help center. This is the comprehensive, searchable guide to all things kimono. In it you will find answers to every aspect of how to use kimono and anything else your heart desires.

We’ve also baked in a lot of other enhancements into this release. We hope you enjoy discovering them and please let us know how you like the new kimono!