Write JavaScript functions to transform your API results

Today we’re excited to introduce a new experimental feature! You can now modify your API endpoints with custom JavaScript functions. These functions run in the kimono cloud, letting you call the API endpoint (with the parameter &kimmodify=1) to get back your transformed data.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with this powerful new feature:

  • Clean and normalize your data by adding or removing properties, splitting or replacing strings and assigning data types
  • Calculate the sum or difference between prices on a page and return just those values every time price data changes
  • Standardize address or contact information formats from your large crawls across different websites to a readable format for your CRM
  • Calculate average cost per square foot per neighborhood when you aggregate real estate information
  • Track keyword occurrence frequencies in different bodies of text – we recently had some fun doing this with Presidential Speeches

Find more documentation to help you get started in the help center.

We’re still experimenting and adding to this feature so send us all your thoughts and feedback at support@kimonolabs.com to help shape it.

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