How Contactive builds complete user profiles with kimono


Contactive (acquired in January 2015 by ThinkingPhones) provides an app for enhanced Caller ID, allowing individuals and businesses to view a robust user profile associated with each incoming phone number. Contactive’s value to its users depends on the completeness of their data set – i.e., how many incoming phone numbers they can identify with profile information. To make this possible, Contactive has created an Identity Graph, where they map phone numbers and emails to profiles from many different sources (e.g., Google Places, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, Yelp).

Julio Viera, Contactive’s VP of Engineering, says that out of the 400k calls that pass through Contactive every day, 50% are correctly identified to at least one profile from one source.

For the remaining 50%, the problem is not that the contact information associated with each phone number doesn’t exist, but that it is spread across thousands of disparate websites – from local directories, to automotive dealership guides to real estate agent listings. This is where Julio turns to Kimono to fill in the missing data, using it to structure these disparate information sources, feeding into Contactive’s Identity Graph structured data sets from all corners of the web.

To date, Contactive has used Kimono to match ~40k (10%) numbers per day, transforming scattered information into a powerful business asset.